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A Simple Song : A Leonard Bernstein Centennial Celebration 
Conceived by Michael Bush and N.David Williams 

 September 27th - October 6th, 2018

2018 marks the 100th Birthday of one of America’s cultural icons, American composer, conductor, author, and pianist Leonard Bernstein. Beyond a doubt, one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American History. In particular, his works for the American Musical Theatre such as ON THE TOWN, CANDIDE, and WEST SIDE STORY, have become timeless examples of the best of the genre. In honor of his Birthday, with over 1000 events internationally celebrating his life and work, here is your chance to be a part of that world wide celebration. With special permission from the Bernstein estate, the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre is proud to present a retrospective of his contributions to this most American of Theatrical Art forms, the “musical”, in an evening created just for our audiences. Join us to say “Happy Birthday Lenny” in this unique and exclusive evening of Bernstein at his best!

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Boy Gets Girl 
by Rebecca Gillman 

 November 8th - 17th, 2018

It all begins with a blind date. Theresa, an accomplished reporter, is set up with Tony by a mutual acquaintance. They meet for a beer, and things seem to be going okay, or so she thinks. The dialogue snaps like a conventional romantic comedy. Then the phone calls start. And the flowers. And the unannounced visits. And the creeping realization that Tony just won’t take “no” for an answer. Rebecca Gillman’s stunning play is the study of one seemingly innocent encounter that leads to terrifying results in a work that takes an unflinching look at the forces that craft our perception of male/female relationships today.

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The School for Lies 
by David Ives 

 February 21st - March 2nd, 2019

In his hilarious adaption of Molière’s The Misanthrope, David Ives (Venus in Fur, All in the Timing), one of America’s most popular contemporary playwrights, dives headfirst into 17th century French, bringing with him his own 21st century adept comic vernacular. In a story about French Society encapsulated by gossip, glamour, hypocrisy, and scandal, revel in this writers mastery of rhymed verse and comedy and how he builds upon Moliere’s period comedy of manners. Together, they will leave your sides aching.

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The Wild Party 
Book, Music,  and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa 

 April 18th - 27th, 2019

Transport yourself into the roaring 1920’s with this exciting and exhilarating musical based on the Joseph Moncure poem of the same name. With a tuneful and pulsating score by Andrew Lippa (The Addams Family), The Wild Party follows Vaudeville performers Queenie and Burrs as they navigate their tumultuous relationship filled with jealousy, passion, and betrayal, all while hosting a party that makes for one wild dance filled night. A perfect way to end the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre’s 80th Anniversary season!