2012-2013 Productions

South Pacific

Music: Richard Rodgers
Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
Book: Oscar Hammerstein II & Joshua Logan
Adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel
"Tales of the South Pacific" by James A. Michner

South Pacific ended its successful 3-week run on Saturday, April 27th with another sold out performance. Season Subscription sales for our 2013-14 Season will begin in July. Current season subscribers will receive renewal notices in early June.


Carrying Water in a Sieve

Two Short Comedies by Virgilio Piñera

September 14-22, 2012

These two absurd one-act comedies by the acclaimed Cuban playwright were part of the Absurd Celebration, a celebration of the centennial of his birth. The first, You Always Forget Something,was a fanciful comedy about four eccentric women who try to make order out of a capricious society, but by doing so they instead created chaos, disorder, and mayhem.  False Alarm hilariously portrayed the outcome of a man charged with murder who struggled to save his crumbling sanity in the face of a demented widow and an irrational judge.   Both short plays were excellent demonstrations of Piñera’s unique writing style that blended the fantastic with the absurd.


Boeing Boeing

October 17 - 28, 2012

Written by Marc Camoletti, Translation by Beverley Cross and Francis Evans

This hilarious Tony-Award-winning farce centered around Bernard, a passionate bachelor juggling his ongoing affairs with three beautiful flight attendants.  With his strictly organized timetables telling him which attendant is taking off, which is landing, and which is already airborne, his love life was perfectly balanced. That is, until one storm ruins his carefully orchestrated schedule, and each of his lovers returned to his bachelor pad at the same time!   Boeing-Boeing was a fast-paced, door-slamming comedy that had Ring Theatre audiences doubled over with helpless hysteria.


Girls vs. Boys

A New Rock Musical

November 1-18, 2012

Book and Lyrics by Chris Mathews, Jake Minton, and Nathan Allen
Music by Kevin O’Donnell and Nathan Allen

A professional co-production with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts; all performances were in the Arsht’s Carnival Studio Theater. Developed at Chicago’s prestigious House Theatre, Girls vs. Boys was a brash new rock musical that followed a clutch of hormonal teens as they prowled through wild parties and deserted playgrounds looking for love and acceptance.  Girls vs. Boys was an intensely theatrical musical focused on adolescent relationships — emotional, sexual, empowering, and destructive. This controversial, ground-breaking musical was a theatrical event that was both provocative and passionate!


King Lear

February 20- March 2, 2013

Arguably Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, King Lear is a stunning portrait of greed, power, pride, and betrayal. Under the direction of Lee Soroko, the Ring production — while remaining true to the original's powerful, poetic language and dynamic theatricalism — placed the setting in a contemporary society where corporate and military leaders make rash and reckless decisions that eventually bring ruin to the country and the tragic disintigration of two families. Approaching old age, Lear decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, based upon which one loves him most.  But rather than finding the peaceful legacy he had yearned for, he ends up as a tragically broken leader with a shattered empire, destroyed family, and a heartbreaking understanding of the true nature of love.  Featuring professional guest star Dennis Krausnick, founder of the renowned Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts, and Bruce Miller, a UM Professor of Acting, the tragic drama was rounded out with a talented cast of 19 student actors. King Lear was a production of shattering intensity and unforgettable performances.